I bet you have heard some characters critic the lovely humans from Nakuru for a number of them having ‘tinted’ or is it ‘tainted’ teeth. This has not stopped them from producing some of the best artistes we have in our country such as Avril and the likes. Today, I introduce you to one underground rapper who is shutting down the airwaves goes by the name Trabolee. 

He discovered his ability to ‘spit’ after high school in a group called Blaq Roze where they made an album called the R.I.F.T and a mixtape dubbed Killing Spree before he embarked on a solo artiste journey after moving to Nairobi. 

It is here that he teamed up with Juke Myster to make the Occult Lore album in 2014 which has hits like ‘Equal’ which had a great video concept in my opinion.

This year, He hit us with his solo album ‘All Roads Lead Home’ which is still available at 400/- 

Being a young person who enjoys entertaining and speaking to his peers through music, TRA performs in most live youth events like The Pit, Kwani Open Mic, Hip Hop Jamboree etc most of the time for free. Be sure to look out for some of this events you might just get lucky!

To give you a taste of what underground hip hop in Kenya is about, I picked Trabolee and Ray Juma’s ‘Frank’ for you my dear readers. Looking forward to your comments! 

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