Tetu ‘Troubador’ Shani

Tetu ‘Troubador’ Shani

I first came across Tetu Shani back when he was known as a djembefola (percussionist). So when I discovered late last year that he sings and plays the guitar, I was pleasantly surprised!

Tetu recently shared that he has written 45 songs. (What!) Pretty excited about all the music he has in store for us.

Also, his live performances are great. Look out for those.

Here’s a bio of the multi-talented artiste:


 “Tetu’s musical gift became evident at a very early age. While he was still a toddler, his mother gave him a shaker to play with and he unexpectedly started shaking it rhythmically much to his family’s amusement.

A Self-taught percussionist and guitarist, he got accepted in 2014 to the prestigious Berklee College of Music with a scholarship to study Performance.

Though he had been performing as a session musician in Nairobi between 2011 and 2015, he was inspired to record his own material after meeting Jonathan Butler privately(world acclaimed jazz artist) at the 2015 Safaricom Jazz Festival in Nairobi.

After some time backstage during which Butler told him to continue in music, he immediately started composing and arranging his own material and his debut album “Mood Music” was born. The concept behind the album is simple, “For every sliver on the spectrum of human emotion, there is a song.” Each song on the album is designed to elicit a specific emotional response much like the soundtrack of a movie. The album’s expected release date is sometime in 2016.”


His first single ‘Round and Round”

An Ode To Pa‘ my personal favorite. 🙂

He recently featured Mayonde in this beautiful song, all the feels!


Check him out on Soundcloud and YouTube


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