Njoki Karu

Njoki Karu

Hello Everyone!

New year, same unsung songbirds! Today I feature one Njoki Karu who yet again Joan Mero introduced me to. I had never seen or heard of her but when I listened to her song Secret Love on SoundCloud I melted for a whole 3 minutes and decided I was going to feature her. Below is a short piece about her musical journey.

“There is only so much I can say about my musical journey, seeing that I am barely at its beginning. Music isn’t my life. Never has and never will be. But my life is music. Every dawn carries with it an expectant melody and every dusk a wondering tune.

I picked up the guitar in 2010. It was not my instrument of choice, but it was what was available. I loved it. I loved every bit of it. I loved how each strum vibrated through the body of the guitar, to my own. I was bonded to it and through these six sacred strings have most of my songs arisen. I played the few songs I could from Michael W. Smith to Emeli Sande.

Ever since I can remember, I was never one to remotely express what I felt. I always inked my beauty and my ugliness on blank pages, in the form of poems and stories, if not encrypt it somewhere within the depths of my soul. I had never discovered the gift of writing song until 2013 when I met one of the most amazing singer songwriters I know, Jason Sibi-Okumu. I was floored by him, by who he was and by what he was doing, and from that meeting arose more than just a lasting friendship. I wrote my first song “I Am”. An ode to self. Needless to say, ever since that moment, each and every one of of my songs has been me reconciling with me.

My songs are scripted invitations to my life, documented stories of my past, my present and my future. I have written some in minutes and some in months. These songs are encapsulations of precious moments I have tried to salvage over the few years I have been on this earth. Moments where my body was rested on the cold hard floor, writhing in pain, tired of holding its brokenness together; moments of naked and unsheltered love and raw affection; moments of deep awe and unashamed praise.

So what you are listening to is not just a mere compilation of words strung together with a rhythm and a melody. What you are listening to is the sound of the undoing of my soul.

I am yet to see what lies ahead of me and yes, I am quite excited to find out what God has in store. But as of now I shall go back to enjoying all the crazy experiences I get to have at Berklee College of Music; new friends to make and old ones to keep. Life is a mystery that we get to unravel. Life is a song that we get to sing. :)”

Do enjoy this tune from Njoki and as usual drop your comments and ask questions.

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