As I said in the beginning, we have talent all over. We might have had a chance to discover these great people but we opted to do ‘better’ things which in my point of view is quite understandable thus I am making it my duty to bring them to you through this blog.

Last week I was one of the lucky Kenyans who got to watch Mutinda perform live at the Pawa 254 rooftop sundowner  where he did some of his best tunes. As he performed, I couldn’t help but compare him to Oliver Mtukudzi as I could feel his connection to the music, the way he played the guitar, his consistent smile could only interpret to a passion that is hard to describe with words. 

His music has a rich African feel to it as he incorporates quite a number of the continent’s instruments such as maboom boom drums, Djembe, the African flute just to name a few. His voice is deep to our roots which brings that feels-good-to-be-Kenyan vibe and you just want to sit back constantly swaying your head side to side thanking God for talent and music. 

He is known for his great achievements one of them being Winner of The International Songwriting Competition 2010 in the World Music Category something even I did not know about which is why you should check out his website for more Anyway, I picked a song from his youtube account and I will patiently wait for your feedback! 🙂 

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