Monique Angelyn

Monique Angelyn

The first time I ever heard Monique was on Kamikazee’s song ‘Superstar’ She was the beautiful voice singing the hook:

“Kuutoka zamaaani,

Tunajaribu kuwa jaribu kuwa superstar..”

I was so fascinated by her vocals that when I did not hear anything from her awhile after that I was a bit devastated. I would later hear her (I have always believed it was fate lol) on Homeboyz Radio as the former presenter of the oh-so-famous #Afrocentral show. (I still cry at night at the fact that she does not host that particular show :-()

Anyway! Far from her work, I really truly wanted to share her musical journey on my blog because I believe people are yet to discover her BEAUTIFUL vocals! So here goes


All round creative, Monique Angelyn is a singer/songwriter and broadcaster who calls East Africa her home. Her first music recording experience was with Ted Josiah at Blue Zebra Records while part of a girl group at the age of 15. Participating in different talent search events, Monique vocals always impressed judges.

Her big commercial break was as a finalist on EastAfrica Coca Cola Popstars. She then was signed by Jon Rabar to HomeBoyz Entertainment. She later worked on Gospel compilations with artists from across the continent produced by R Kay and later released the amazing Swahili Gospel single ‘Naja Kwako’ to positive reviews.

Experimenting with different musical genres was an eye opener as she discovered that her strength was in live performance. She recorded her debut album Color Black with Eric Musyoka of Decimal Records in 2011,heavily influenced by African elements and live orchestration.

‘I wasn’t out to have a hit album, I wanted to do music from the heart’, says Monique.

Personal and timeless, Color Black was Monique’s expression. She’s was also signed by Universal Records as a songwriter under Decimal Records writing for artists such as Nikki and Tusker Project Fame finalists. A vocal powerhouse, Monique is set to release new music in the next few months.


Check out her website here to catch the latest from her. Oh! And the family pics! Her family is REALLY beautiful! 🙂

That good scoop of music y’all are looking for is here, Color Black the album in a playlist. Enjoy!

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  1. She was my favorite contestant at the Cocacola Popstars. I remember her exit after she fell out with the teachers and judges after missing some few steps in dance practice and she got emotional and left the class.

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