I was doing my daily Soundcloud patrol when I came across this beautiful song bird reposted by one Monitah on my feed. Her voice is soothing and magnificent. It’s the kind that hits you hard and you can’t control the goosebumps all over your skin.

Also, am I the only person who gets teary when someone with heavenly vocals sings? Well, let’s find out! Below is a short bio from the oh so pretty Kahvinya.

“My name is Kahvinya. I am a 17 year old musician and artist. I am currently
doing my Btec music course at Brookhouse school. I am extremely passionate
about the arts in general; from music, to culinary, to art and
fashion…name it! I am also passionate about the rising of consciousness;
meditation and just peace, love and light.
I make music to express myself,encourage and enlighten. I have always been
in love with the concept of art and music ever since i was born. I would
sing all the time and when i was about 12 i started writing and composing
my own stuff for fun.
Later after my O levels i enrolled in Btec music and ever since ive been
recording and exploring! My dream is to keep growing spiritually, mentally,
emotionally and creatively. To just stay true to myself and soar!
I really believe that Africa, Kenya to be specific has amazing talent, we
have it all and we need to keep supporting each other and being authentic
and true to ourselves in everything we do. That way the whole world will
hear and appreciate us.”

Check her out on SoundCloud

Here is a song I just can’t stop playing! Let me know what you think about her.

Featured image from Kahvinya’s Soundcloud.

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