Jason Kalinga, The Artist I Should Have Known

Jason Kalinga, The Artist I Should Have Known

Jason The Wireless Events Guy

It’s 1:30AM when I have finally picked a title for this story after listening to Jason’s SoundCloud playlist for about an hour.

The hardest thing about writing this story is the fact that I actually knew Jason but on the business side of him. When I started working at my current job, I used to sit right next to him especially on weekends. “This guy is such a snob” I’d think to myself. He hardly said much. His head was always down doing something on his laptop (must have been music I now start to think)

We’d say occasional ‘Hi’s’ to each other and that was it. This would continue until when he finally left and I would then see him a month or so later and never again.


JK, The Artist

I had heard Balance a while ago and marveled at the good flow of his bars plus the production of the song but that was it; never bothered to find out who he was or what he looked like and that was my first mistake. He had this J. Cole style of writing. Aware of his mental status, his surrounding, very expressive and soulful.

I would have loved to sit and talk about his style. Find out why he chose it, his inspiration, his mentors, shared his playlists even but that will never happen and it makes me so sad.


I just want to end this blog by saying thank you Jason for the music. In another life, I hope we get to have a chat about the talent you took with you but for now, we will continue to celebrate you through your music. Rest in Power


Here’s a playlist by KETURAH with some his best work.



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