Fundi Wa Mabao

Fundi Wa Mabao

Last Thursday, Coast Sensational rapper Jemedari took to Twitter with a line from Nyashinski’s latest tune ‘Finyo’ as if to insinuate some sort of shots fired at him. Immediately I reached out to find out what that was all about and that’s when he revealed that that specific line was directed at him after he had challenged the “Mungu Pekee” rapper on stage a while back.

Later that day Jemedari was quoted on Twitter saying,

“You write stuff meant to elicit a reception and reactions. You can’t come back later with, “What I really meant to say was blah… ”
Let’s rap!! Tubond baadae” 

On Friday 30th November 2018 that same week Jemedari hinted a diss track directed to Nyash’s line on Finyo

Little did we know that a song would soon be out on Tuesday 4th December flaming hot. Rumour has it that Jemedari has some more fire lined up for this battle of words and I really cannot wait to see how far this beef will go. He has even hinted a part 2!

Listen to Jeshi and share your candid thoughts about this beef in the comments section.

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