Don Ngatia

Don Ngatia

I have seen, not once, people complain that we do not have talented artistes in our country. In every occasion I start to question these sentiments deep down like,”Where did you get that notion from? Have you dug deep enough into our music crates and chests to find the rich Kenyan music we tend to overlook sometimes?”

But then I remember, I have been in that bracket of people. I really am a fun of good music which is why this blog exists as of today.

To start us off, I discovered Don Ngatia today thanks to one of my Twitter Followings named Joan after she expressed her shock and disappointment on his song ‘Solitude’ having just 50 views despite his being endowed and having a unique spike to his music. Born and raised in Nairobi, his soulful afro-fusion style of music oozes of nothing but outstanding talent which bears good music. He was inspired by the world’s greatest namely Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder. What more could you expect from him right? For his biography, you can check out his website

In my curiosity to listen and analyse his work, I stumbled on his music which led me to comprehending Joan’s disappointment. This is his song Mirabelle (my favourite by the way!) looking forward to your feedback!


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  1. Thanks for this! I am forever dismayed when people throw in-the-dark comments like "Kenyan musicians have not talent" I therefore make it my business to share music that deserves better recognition, everyday via my twitter, but this? A brilliant way of enlightening people on just how talented we are as a country. So glad you started it. Go you!

    Oh and Mirabelle is my favorite as well!

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